Maschine - a better way to browse plugins

May 27, 2015

Plugin sanity!

If you have a lot of 3rd party plugins, for the sake of sanity, “organize” them in the User section. With a lot of plugins, the dropdown in the software can be monstrously long/unwieldy (especially if you haven’t pruned it). You can access them on the controller by blah blah.

In a nutshell

  • Load up a 3rd party plugin
  • In the software, right click on the plugin and select Save As. Idea: save it with an _ in front of the name (e.g. _LFO Tool). The underscore signifies that the plugin’s parameters are in a default state (and this will sort the name to the top of the list).
  • Now, Browse with User selected to see a list of plugin vendors on the left screen (which can be used to hone in a specific vendor)

You can now organize your plugins in a plethora of ways

  • Save only the default state of the key plugins you use
  • Save the default state of every plugin you own (if you have a lot of time)
  • Save plugins with custom settings

Lastly, instead of the boring default graphics above, you can make it look like this image

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