Hot Keys

May 30, 2015


I like to keep my hands on the keyboard. To that end, I have a bunch of shortcuts for quick navigation. There are lots of apps to create hotkeys - Keyboard Maestro, Alfred, BetterTouchTool, etc (those three are a part of my franken’mation (better than rube’n’mation)). In my setup, Seil is key (no pun). Seil lets you remap any key to another key. There are three keys that I never/rarely use caps lock, opt(left) and cmd(left). Remapping these specific keys in new hot keys means less chance of tromping over some already defined system or app specific hot key.

My Shortcuts

hotkey app
capslock iTerm
cmd(r)+capslock Path Finder
shift+capslock Evernote
opt(l) Messages
cmd(l) Slack
cmd(r)+opt(r)+space Sublime

Use Seil and Keyboard Maestro to setup shortcuts

In Seil

Remap unused keys to Function Keys above F12 (OSX supports F1 thru F19, however, Mac keyboards stop at F12)



caps lock remapped to 80 (F19)
Does anyone use this anymore? No brainer to repurpose.

cmd_right remapped to 64 (F17)
The ONLY time I ever used this was when I needed to hit cmd+del with my left hand because I had an external mouse in my right. An edge case to be sure, repurpose it!

option_right remapped to 79 (F18)
I can’t think of any circumstance where I used this key. Likely doing nothing, repurpose it!

In Keyboard Maestro

Create a macro associating a hot key with an action. Sky’s the limit here. The hot key can activate an app (as I am above) or any cascade of actions.